July 22, 2008

Palm Sunday (Shaaneen) - 2008

We took part in the Palm Sunday march starting from the Orthodox church in Makhoul street and up through Bliss street along the AUB and back. The water fountains in the church yard was the center of attention:

From left to right (hehee) Nadim Khoury, Hadi-Aram and Ninar Khoury preparing for Palm Sunday...

and here's Rawad saying: lemme go!! lemme goooo!!! hehee

I wonder how this works, where does the water come from, what happens if i try to block, why does water shoot, who put it here, why did they put it here ..... (and so on)

Mom and Rawad-Akkad (yeah I knoww...)

What's that smell??!!

and it's difficult to keep it lit, how are we expected to walk with this thing on fire?!!

We're marching, Ninar, me and Nadim

Look who's having a great time running around :-)

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fr7ty said...

السلام عليكم

موقع أكثر من رائع شكرا لكم

موضوع جميل جدا يستحق القراءه

يوتيوب فيديو فرحتي


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