September 07, 2007


It's Sunday, Annahar is among the very few newspapers published. In the photo, from left to right, my father, me, cousin Rayan and uncle Toufic.

September 06, 2007

Some Action

That's Shadi and I with the ball in the green oval:Rawad and I borrowed the bike for this photo
and for this too, the mountain behind me is the Barouk. the green patch on top is the Barouk Cedar Reserve.
you know, plants, environment, green et al.

September 05, 2007


Wazzzuuupppppp!Focusing and solving the crisis in the ME:
Clean up, everybody clean up

September 04, 2007


Here we are, Karim and I:And with Karma-Lynn:From left to right: Hassan, Ali and Hadi-Aram
From left to right once more: Hadi-Aram, Ali, baby Rawad-Akkad, uncle Ali with glasses, baby Hussein and Hassan.