November 28, 2006

Me and My Kid Brother (Update)

Recent Photos of My Brother and me
Hello and enjoy relatives and friends abroad :-)

November 26, 2006

Saturday Sport: During the Break

Gimme, gimme, gimme
There is something behind this tree
There is a cat behind this tree
I'm flying
I'm running

November 25, 2006

Sport Activity every Saturday

Gymnastics, I am next in line about to jump.
I do some judo too.
More gymnastics
I'm jumping. I'm jumping.
I lost two of my teeth. This is my friend Mark.

November 24, 2006

First Baby Tooth Gone and my Baby Brother

My lower tooth is gone, my friend Shadi's lower tooth is gone too but it does not show.
Signs that I am growing. I just lost a tooth. I asked the tooth fairy for "a solar system" Close up of my brother, Rawad Akkad.
Sleeping "like a baby"