April 22, 2006

Farayya in March

Let's dance...

Where are those sun-glasses?
That's better...

It's March, the sun is bright, snow covering the mountains of Lebanon, a great time to be out.
My friend, Hazar.
And my friend Nadeem

Doggy (forgot the name) was there too.
Nadeem one more time
Mom, Dad and a my little baby brother in her "stomach"


Farid said...

Are you safe during this most tragic time in Lebanon? I had believed with all of my heart that the death and destruction would finally come to an end.

I wish you peace and health.

Farid Rushdi
Pocatello Idaho USA

yougogirl said...

very cute!

peaceout said...

you bring inspiration an strength to us here in new zealand to view a beautiful young man and his life during a time of crises in your country may all your dreams come true to you an your brother

peaceout said...

this world needs to peace out and with the blog i just seen it seems all is not lost

hadiaram said...

Thanks everybody.

Peaceout: I really hope that all is not lost. thanks again.

zeid said...

hadiiiiiiiiiii ya kaboukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa