February 27, 2006

Ba'daran (Ba3daran)

Ba3daran is the village of Shadi's grandparents (mother side). It is somewhere up the mountains above Deir al Kamar. We went there after we visited Deir al Kamar (previous post), yesterday (26/2/06). The pictures below are some of the photos we took at Shadi's great-grand-parents place. A large historic home that needs to be fixed.

The well, our fascination.

Sary (Shadi's bro.) was there too.

Something is over there.

The well, did I tell you about the well, our fascination!

The door way to Shadi's great-grand parent's court yard.


The well, yes the well!!



sarah said...

cute hadi..may God protect u..nice place n first time to hear about:)

Alaa Bashir said...

very nice village

I love Munich said...

How come I never knew about this blog!! It is beautiful ... and the pictures - GORGEOUS!!! Keep blogging ... I'm a bit confused - are you the little one? A grown up? ... never mind - the blog is GREAT!!
Come over and visit mine as well - with LOTS of pictures too!!

hadiaram said...

Hello Karin.
Thanks for the nice words.
I am the little one.
But my dad helps with the posting ;)