February 27, 2006

Ba'daran (Ba3daran)

Ba3daran is the village of Shadi's grandparents (mother side). It is somewhere up the mountains above Deir al Kamar. We went there after we visited Deir al Kamar (previous post), yesterday (26/2/06). The pictures below are some of the photos we took at Shadi's great-grand-parents place. A large historic home that needs to be fixed.

The well, our fascination.

Sary (Shadi's bro.) was there too.

Something is over there.

The well, did I tell you about the well, our fascination!

The door way to Shadi's great-grand parent's court yard.


The well, yes the well!!


Deir al Kamar

I went to Deir al Kamar (City of the Princes), Chouf Mountains - Lebanon, with my friend Shadi and his brother Sary, yesterday (26/2/06). These are some of our pictures in front of the historic citadel in the city center. Deir al Kamar was built by Prince Fakhriddine (credited as one of the founding fathers of Lebanon). He made sure a mosque was built near the church in the center of city.

Checking the lay-out.

Don't ask.

The water fountain in the middle of the square, people come from other cities and even from Beirut to get some of this spring water.

The fountain, Sary is runnig in the background (his mother is running after him)

Yummy!! (The person in the background is getting the gallons out of his/her car to fill them up.)

Sary was there too. (told you so)

That is the mosque back there.

Just a view.