December 08, 2005

My Fifth Birthday: Dec. 1

This is Celine. She was at my party. Cute even when she's angry :)

We were preparing for the cake. The boys sat on the other side ;)
Sparkles on my 5th birthday! Man!

Can't wait for the other "rocket candle" to go off so I can start eating.

Chouf Cedars. I just wanted to add them to this collection because they are beautiful.

Tug of war! But the girls on the other side were winning :)

Doing the group dance thing!

Yara insisted on driving, so I give in ;)

Chouf Cedars, Lebanon


Eve said...

Happy Birthday :)

Hadi Aram Bashir said...

Thanks Eve.

Sami said...

Happy Birthday ya azaar :)

I love Munich said...

I JUST found your blog .. so you get a veeeeeeery much belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!