April 16, 2005

United we run. Posted by Hello


suha said...

hi..how r u?we r suha and noor..
u and ur son are both lucky..w r t
you coz u have such a cute son
and with respect to him is that he has such a lovely father....
sorry but noor insists on telling u that he is soooooo cute "bas ma hada khallaf ghayrak?"...
ma tez3al..it is a joke..
ur lovely cute devastating nice beautiful amazing students:suha and noor

cool_student said...

hi how r u ?
u know u r son is a very lucky boy since he has a lovely father as u and u r lucky to have this cute son
i hope for u (THE BEST PHYSICS TEACHER IN THE WHOLE WORLD) all the luck in ur life and with ur family....

ur cute student