December 08, 2005

My Fifth Birthday: Dec. 1

This is Celine. She was at my party. Cute even when she's angry :)

We were preparing for the cake. The boys sat on the other side ;)
Sparkles on my 5th birthday! Man!

Can't wait for the other "rocket candle" to go off so I can start eating.

Chouf Cedars. I just wanted to add them to this collection because they are beautiful.

Tug of war! But the girls on the other side were winning :)

Doing the group dance thing!

Yara insisted on driving, so I give in ;)

Chouf Cedars, Lebanon

November 05, 2005

Piano lessons

At my piano lesson. Notice how attentively I am studying...

at the playground

Me and my friend Mark at an indoors "playground".

Swimming in Autumn

At my swimming lessons with my friends. We are swimming indoors. It is cold outside...

October 10, 2005

At the Symposium of Sculptures in Aley, Lebanon

A Sculpture of a Lebanese soldier, notice his moustache. Check the next post to see why my tongue is out.

A beautiful bull's head (the artist is Bulgarian, I forgot his name), notice the tongue.

I needed some help getting around the symposium. Check the rest of the photos and you will see why.

This sculpture looks like the statue of Zeus in the movie "Hercules", it is my favorite sculpture in the whole symposium.

I needed the help of my Dad to get up there.

A general view of some of the sculptures, that is uncle Ali there behind me.

Another general view.

An interesting piece of sculpture. There is something nice about it, maybe because it looks like a window.

Catch my photo. Uncle Ali in the background.

August 14, 2005

Free Driving Lessons for my Cousins

Cousin Rayan & I
Cousin "Princess" Karma-Lynn & I

July 02, 2005

School Trip Spring 2005 To Beirut City Park

These are some of the photos I took when we went (my class-mates and I) on a trip to our City Park in Beirut before the end of the school year.

April 16, 2005

United we run (well after we ran) Beirut, April 2005 Posted by Hello

United we run. Posted by Hello

Running for PEACE. Beirut marathon 2005. Posted by Hello

ISTIRAHA Posted by Hello

United we run, Beirut marathon 2005, YUPPY. Posted by Hello

April 14, 2005

Detail from "the painting for PEACE in Lebanon" Posted by Hello

My friend Shadi and I in front of "the painting for PEACE", in downtown Beirut. Posted by Hello

Detail, "the painting for PEACE". Posted by Hello

My friend Shadi and I in front of the painting, in downtown Beirut, PEACE. Posted by Hello