July 22, 2008

Palm Sunday (Shaaneen) - 2008

We took part in the Palm Sunday march starting from the Orthodox church in Makhoul street and up through Bliss street along the AUB and back. The water fountains in the church yard was the center of attention:

From left to right (hehee) Nadim Khoury, Hadi-Aram and Ninar Khoury preparing for Palm Sunday...

and here's Rawad saying: lemme go!! lemme goooo!!! hehee

I wonder how this works, where does the water come from, what happens if i try to block, why does water shoot, who put it here, why did they put it here ..... (and so on)

Mom and Rawad-Akkad (yeah I knoww...)

What's that smell??!!

and it's difficult to keep it lit, how are we expected to walk with this thing on fire?!!

We're marching, Ninar, me and Nadim

Look who's having a great time running around :-)

July 20, 2008

Egg hunt in Aytat - 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I know this is late too, but I am gonna post it any way, this was the egg hunt we had at my my aunt Maya's home in Aytat. It was so much fun. Cousins and friends took part. There are sooo many pictures but I love them all so here they are:

so that's cousin Layan in red in the foreground and others and we were busy looking for eggs (who comes up with these ideas) :-)

looks like cousin Nabil found something, hehee

that's me, karma-lynn and karim and a basket to be filled with eggsss

peeling a boiled egg needs soo much fine skills, it is not easyyy, look what happened, and why is the outer layer white, and why is the inner part yellow and why is there a shell and why do we paint it and why....

I say beautiful colorsssss

cousin Karim and brother Rawad-Akkad (on bike) breaking some eggs...

looking for some more eggs, i am sure there are some left somewhere...

Look at what Rawad did to mom's hair heheheeee, funny, i must say!

My brother Rawad-Akkad, fascinated by that egg, trying to peal it and discovering its various colors...

cousins Layan and Karma-lynn

Brother Rawad, telling us something, i think it is, when this bike grows up it will be a harley, and i will be on it :-)

above are cousin Nabil and some friends

And the hunt ended with some soccer....

tin3ad alaykon....

May 13, 2008

Exploration in Fraydees

A trip to Fraydees will not be complete if we don't go on a mini exploration journey. So here we were on 13 April 2008. The green, the bloom, the fresh air. Btw, Fraydees is in the Barrouk mountains. It shares the same municipality with the Barrouk village and opposite the Chouf Cedars forest:

From right to left: Karim Makarem, Nancy Najjar, Rawad-Akkad Bashir, Karma-Lynn Makarem and yours truly me.

Karma and Rawad taking a moment to rest.

Karim asking about something, or showing something, or ...

That's me up there with my brother Rawad...

From left to right: Karim, Karma, Nancy and I, sitting for a moment...

Notice the blooming trees, it is spring already :-)

Rawad was searching for something but found something else, heheheee

and here from left to right: Karma, Rawad, dad, Karim and I

The train before we ended the day....

May 12, 2008

Trip to Zahle

On the 24th of March, we went to Zahle, we passed by our friends the Najjars, they have a beautiful garden, and of course we had to discover how, what and why things are the way they are in the garden. Check out these exploration photos of me and my bro Rawad:

and here I am with our host, Nancy, when we were about to eat heheheheeee.